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Stage & Performance Coach

Empowering You to Perform Your Music
the Way You Envision It

The days of “park and bark” are over for Singers if we want to see opera as an art form continue to stay relevant.  Audiences need to connect with the text and narrative without having to get a degree before they watch a performance.  How does one achieve that as a performer?  We go back to the text, our subtext, and the narrative that we’ve weaved around what composers have provided.  

I had not been [to the opera] for many years because I couldn’t stand the acting. I simply couldn’t stand it. [...] So I was thrilled to learn that lately there has been more of an effort toward taking the acting more seriously.”

Kathleen Turner, when interviewed by the Met Opera in 2019


Coaching Services

Melissa Chan d’Estrella weaves together 25+ years of stage experience in opera, musical theatre, and concert performance and production, workshop facilitation with corporate leaders, and success as an MBA interview coach into an integrated approach to empower Singers to translate their vision of the music into clear actions to which audiences can relate. Interested in taking your performance to the next level for auditions, competitions, or graduation recitals?

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